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    By Landlocked lady
    Sebring has to be one of my favorite KA books! I've already read it 2 times, and will read it again! Nicely done, bring us more, more, more!
  • I have a new favorite book!

    By Boundless Book Reviews
    I didn’t think I would ever find a book I loved more than Knight. It’s fitting that Sebring replaces Knight, or at least comes close. Ok, let’s say they are a tie; fitting because both books are about two brothers. It is so rare to finish a book, and IMMEDIATELY want to start it again, I found myself doing just that with Sebring. I know this will become one of those stories I devour over and over, because I loved it that much. I was nervous going into Sebring, because frankly, the last few Kristen Ashley books have been such a disappointment to me; with the same recycled characters and dialog. However, with Sebring, I felt like she brought a completely new level to her writing. Olivia is her best character I’ve read so far; she has so much depth and feeling, I was in tears, TEARS, I tell you, so many times, and the level of her anguish and despair was heartbreaking and I felt I was there with her. I was also so enamored with Nick; the man he became, from the man he was, just wow. I loved his journey, and that we got to see a complete 180 with him. I love the man he is, that he is his own man, and he did it on his own terms. Sebring completes the Unfinished Hero’s books, and it is a fitting end to the series. I Loved Sebring as much as I loved Knight, book one in the series. I love both brothers’ stories equally; I can say I have two favorite books now, both by Kristen Ashley....Sara
  • He just had to make her believe!

    By kathyesf
    She does not exist, because she can't. She is owned by her family and knows that she will never be free. He is owned by his past and the need for revenge or he will never be free. These two lost souls find each other and things heat up quickly. She is scared to believe and all he wants to make her believe. What an f'ed up family and I really enjoyed the strength that was written into Olivia. Even though she was faced with the things that her family forced on her she held her own with dignity and knew that there would come a time. Nick was great and totally swoon worthy. As always another great read from Kristen Ashley.
  • Nicky and Livy

    By Jordysmom09
    Sebring was a perfect conclusion to one of my favorite series of all time. Nick and Olivia are everything!! There is so much love and angst in this book I prolonged finishing it as much as I could. Gonna miss these guys! "Bottom of my soul!"
  • Loved

    By Daboss1222
    Omg I absolutely loved this book. I couldn't put this book down. In all the insanity to find love beautiful
  • Sebring

    By Bridgette D.
    What a wonderful finish to a wonderful series. Glad Nick finally found his happiness, and just think, he did it without all the material things be tried getting off of Knight's back. I'm still trying to find Marcus' story - must of missed it somewhere and can't find it - can you tell me it's title? But other than that, please continue these kind of great saga's you write. Loved every bit of then from start to finish. B. Duncan
  • Perfect

    By T1darryl
    Great story. Loved the battle for power at the beginning of the relationship.
  • SEBRING!!!

    By kdotashford
    KA is amazing. Never want her books to end. Loved, loved, loved this book just like all of her others.
  • Sebring Love Loved Loved It

    By Telco our
    I really should learn never judge a book by it's cover or it's summary. I enjoyed this book so much I'm so glad Vincent and Gill got theirs, Georgia the b***h got hers in the end. I think the mother should have gotten more of a bad ending. I'm so so happy Livvie and Nick made it out happy. I was about to cry cause I was so worried that they wouldn't make it. Was trying so hard not to skip to the end. I made it though. Please find another unfinished hero was there a mention of someone name Slade lets make that one happen. Let's see about Turner as well. Help I need more Kirsten Ashley in my life.
  • Sebring

    By Cymmie
    Not wanting to see this series end! KA sure did a wonderful job telling the stories of these special characters! To think I put off reading these books because I didn't think the story lines were my cup of tea❣ ha❤️. Now I can honestly say I've read each book at least twice...... Thank you Ms. Ashley from one Hoosier to another! 🤓