The Golden Dynasty - Kristen Ashley

The Golden Dynasty

By Kristen Ashley

  • Release Date: 2011-08-22
  • Genre: Paranormal Romance
Score: 4.5
From 369 Ratings

Circe Quinn, the office manager of a moving company, goes to sleep at home and wakes up in a corral filled with women wearing sacrificial virgin attire—and she’s one of them.

She figures this is not good and soon finds she’s not having a wild dream; she’s living a frightening nightmare. She’s been transported to a barren land populated by a primitive people, where she’s installed very unwillingly on her white throne of horns as their queen.

Dax Lahn is the king of Suh Tunak, the Horde of the nation of Korwahk. With one look at Circe, he knows she will be his bride and together they will start the Golden Dynasty of legend.

Circe and Lahn are separated by language, culture, and the small fact she’s from a parallel universe and has no idea how she got there. Or, more importantly, how to get home.

Facing challenge after challenge, Circe finds her footing as Queen of the brutal Korwahk Horde and wife to its King.

Then she finds herself falling in love with this primitive land, its people and especially their savage leader.


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  • Game of thrones ripoff

    By jnyfer
    This book is near plagiarism of game of thrones season one and the first novel from that series. Completely unoriginal.
  • HOT

    By Toni FGMAMTC
    Why did I wait so long to meet Dax? I’ve heard time after time about him, but his hotness cannot be conveyed. It must be experienced. The heat and alpha factors are off the charts. Dax is definitely on my top book boyfriends list. Many readers picture Jason Momoa as their Dax Lahn and use pictures of him as Khal Drogo for inspiration. That’s a pretty good way to think of him in my opinion because there are similarities in looks and behaviors. Warning, he is not for everyone. Where he comes from women aren’t equal to men so this story does reflect that. Rape and such do happen.
  • unique

    By Nonolala
    very unique story I couldn't put it down!!!
  • Wow

    By Pendiragon
    I have no words to describe this book, it just that amazing.
  • Amazing!

    By H2009Lee92
    I've read this book 4 times and I still love it. There's nothing about this book that I don't absolutely love! I literally couldn't start another book because when I finished the book I couldn't get over it. Absolutely amazing author. She knows how to push the plot just enough and then when you want to kill all the characters she brings it back in a way that makes it better than it ever was. If that makes any sense.
  • Fell in love with the story

    By sasshaa
    I’m pretty sad this book is over. I don’t often reread books but I could probably read this one again. The only thing I didn’t much like was the tone of the protagonist. It’s a little offputting considering that she’s supposed to be a 35 year old woman. Her thoughts sound more like that of a teenager. But still, one of the best books I’ve read in a while!
  • I want more!!!!!!!!

    By pajnstsalauj
    This is such a good two world time travel novel!!!!!! I wished I get to read when their kids grow up :( the ending 😭😭😭😭 but it was a happy ending. Ughhhhhhhh I want more!!!! The author needs to write a short sequel of this novel.
  • 📖 EPIC READ 📖 BRAVA!!!! 👏👏👏👏

    By Miss_Particular
    I'm an avid reader. I simply love to read. I read novels, newspapers, magazines, articles, and textbooks (school etc...). I'm quite speechless in writing a review for this novel because I have literally too much to say and I'm wonderstruck because of this fact. I'm currently still reading "The Golden Dynasty" and I must admit I never want to put it down... It's that AMAZING. I'm in awe of the entire read thus far. I've never felt nor been this engrossed in reading a novel in my entire life and I've read numerous stories by several different authors (too many to count). If you want to escape, feel every emotion you can possibly evoke, and fall madly in love with a novel by an amazing up and coming writer/author/artist/visionary such as Kristen Ashley is, by all means do read this novel... I. Dare. You.
  • Golden Dynasty WOW

    By Telco our
    I really enjoyed this book from beginning to end Circe and Lahn together a hot combination. I love her spunky attitude and his alpha male hotness. I didn't think I would like this book overlooked it for a while I'm so sorry it took me so long to give it a try. I see why they say don't judge a book by its cover. Loved it.
  • Otherworldly Greatness

    By lionrock71
    This was one of the books I read just to see if Kristen Ashley was only amazing at writing contemporary novels. I have no real love of "world building" and usually tune out most "fantasy" and focus strictly on characters just to make it through the genre because above everything else I just love to read. But the way this woman writes is so amazing that I've read and re-read this book so I didn't accidentally miss a detail. I am a picky, unforgiving consumer when it comes to books, and I don't exaggerate when I say KA can do no wrong. Circe and Dax Lahn have a story that never quits twisting and turning and you actually look forward to turmoil because you know that buys you many more chapters of great writing. And the fact that the cost of her LONG, endlessly fascinating books is easily half as expensive as books of more seasoned authors who now resort to phoning it in or using bigger fonts makes you appreciate her hard work all the more.