Free - Kristen Ashley


By Kristen Ashley

  • Release Date: 2019-01-29
  • Genre: Contemporary Romance
Score: 4.5
From 464 Ratings

Through good times, bad times and times of war, Cole “Rush” Allen grew up in the Chaos Motorcycle Club. Along this journey, he watched his father, Tack, and his MC brothers fight, sweat, bleed and die to steer the Club to legitimacy.

And they’ve got one more battle on their hands.

A battle they have to win.

But when Rush meets the woman who put herself right in the thick of it, he knows he has to stop at nothing to get her out.

Rebel Stapleton has lost someone she loves to murder and she’s the kind of woman who’s going to do something about it. She puts her career on the line, and her life, to bring the man who did it to justice.

That is, she does this until Rush Allen intervenes.

Chaos is at war and they’re about to face the ultimate showdown. They’ll have to negotiate skeletons from the past, enemies becoming allies, and loved ones in the line of fire on their ride to be…



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  • Great story!

    By theoldmother
    Now, I love Kristen’s books and this is a good one. However, there are LOTS of characters. Seemed like every person from her previous books made an appearance. It’s a little bit too much. Can be confusing if you haven’t read all her books!
  • Free

    By Critter cuts
    Loved it. Sad to see the end. But so worth the read. HEA. ❤️
  • Loved it

    By Dearjonn
    Love the the themes of redemption and penance. What a way to end a saga. Love Kristen Ashley’s books.
  • Free

    By spook28:
    So disappointing... I really was looking forward to this story, but it felt forced and disjointed. Didn’t have the detail and storyline between the main characters that she usually gives. Too much focus on non-Chaos characters. Just an all around disappointment.
  • Free

    By RDR/91
    I am a huge Kristen Ashley fan. Her other novels were engaging, exciting, and unforgettable in developing relationships and love stories. Free, however, was a big disappointment. The novel was disjointed with so many POV. The love story between Rush and Rebel was not developed as other HEA. I have re-read Tack, Hopper and Shys books numerous times and they never get old. I also did not like all time spent on the story line of Benito and the crossover Honey series portions of the book. There was just too much going on for one novel and it became jumbled and not interesting to the point that I skimmed the last half of the book. I am happy Chaos is Free, but wished it would have been a better written story to achieve this ending.
  • So disappointed in this book

    By TFox20
    Some of KA’S books are my all time favorites that I’ve re-read several times but she may have just jumped the shark with this one. Too many POVs and such a terrible ending for such a great series, not enough of Rush/Rebel and this is supposed to their book. I chose not to read the Honey Series because it’s just not my thing, but I agree w/other reviews felt forced into in this book.
  • Not for me

    By Jemkm
    I agree with the previous reviewer, I am going to have to take a break from KA books for awhile. In theory, I love that Chaos would finally be free but I did not want to read about characters from her Honey series or their “lifestyles”. I purposely didn’t buy that series. Also agree with how she really pushed her political rhetoric in this one. I have never felt that with any of her other books. The book itself had entirely too many storylines going at once and it was too instant love on Rebel and Rushes parts.
  • Done

    By Im J9
    I can’t believe I’m sayin this, but; I’m taking a break from Miss Ashley. She has gotten preachy and political. Hello; I can watch the news for that! I want to read romance the genre I purchase these books from! How many environmentalist, Wiccan, hippy dressing, says oh my goddess all the time people have you met? Apparently a good third of her characters; and I’m sorry but no no no bikers would NOT (I know a lot of them) be so accepting of this alternative lifestyle! This book seems to be an attempt to shove her honey series down our throats! I didn’t buy that series because it is not my thing. No reason at all to spoil Chaos with it! Cabbage , who says that ? Anybody? I’m sorry I’m on a rant; I could go on and on. By the way I’m short and small breasted, her books are giving me a complex because I guess you have to be long legged, big boobs, big butt, and; let’s not forget half the time a little Buddha belly to catch a hot guys eye! Sorry I’ll stop now.
  • BitterSweet

    By FUZZY:)
    Beautiful! This was a perfect ending to the series. I love that they are now Free. It’s so beautiful. Rush and Rebel have my heart ❤️ I’m the type of person that could hold a grudge but KA is the only one that can make me forgive characters and end up loving them,which is what she made me do in this book. She’s so special. I love KA.
  • Love KA

    By Kiki12251982
    I alway live anything Kristen Ashley writes she is my all time favorite author and I get immersed in her books. I love the chaos MC, they are a close second to the hot boys as my favorite alphas! That being said I just couldn’t get into this book. There were too many storylines and yes I love seeing her characters from her other books but this was too much. I wanted to read about Rebel and Rush, I feel like maybe there was 10 chapters focused on them. And a lot of darkness with all the murders yeesh, what happened to the good ole HEA? Looking forward to slow burn in April!